Gabrielle Harris

Gabrielle Harris is a woman who truly desires to follow the Lord, and she is passionate about helping others do the same!

"I want to talk about God—the Bible, the church, and the Christian life. I want to reveal Jesus to others and witness the power of his love."

My story

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and have overcome  many challenges and obstacles. I'am a licensed youth evangelist and an advocate for all individuals with special needs.

I want to help people with impairments in any way I can as well as spread the Gospel to young people everywhere. It is my goal to motivate, encourage, and uplift people and to let them know that they can do anything they put their heart to.

From a little girl...

From a little girl, I have loved to show people how Jesus loves us. His love is perfect and never gives up, even when we do.

Since then, my desire to show people how they can live in the love of God has grown. He is patient, kind, and never gives up on us.

Rising stars

VoyageLA interviews Gabrielle Harris to learn more about how she got to where she is today, her biggest challenges she's faced along the way, what work she's currently focused on, and much more.

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Mind Blowing Magazine

Miracles Still Happen! - an interview by Karen Steinmann of Mind Blowing Magazine

A Faith Based Magazine For The Modern Woman of God

Breaking barriers

Gabbie Harris talks about cerebral palsy during a To Be Like Me event at Tolleson Family Activity Center in Dallas.

first Movie Appearance

After two long years, My first appearance in a movie called “Recession Proof is finally happening.

It was nice meeting “Clifton Powell “Get your tickets now!

Embracing Opportunities

Join me as I share the exciting news of my recent opportunities as a content creator for Voyage Los Angeles Magazine and as an advisor on a committee board, and how I'm using my voice to make a difference for people with disabilities.

Empowering the Underserved

Discover Gabrielle's inspiring journey as an advocate and actor, breaking barriers for those with disabilities.

This insightful blog post featuring Gabrielle Harris was originally published on CanvasRebel, a platform dedicated to sharing inspiring stories and valuable resources from individuals making a difference in their communities.

Unyielding Determination

Explore the profound influence Gabrielle Harris, an inspiring virtual student from Texas, had on actor and content creator Kelly Tighe's artistic journey.

Witness how Harris' determination and passion for acting, despite her physical distance from Hollywood and personal challenges, continue to inspire her mentor, Tighe, and others in their community.

Gabbie Harries Discusses the Future of TV & Film in 2023

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Gabrielle's Inspiring Feature

Discover Gabrielle's Inspiring Journey: From Overcoming Challenges to Advocating for Health Impairments and Making Waves in the Film World.

A Dream Realized

In this heartfelt blog post, Gabrielle shares a deeply personal experience of flying to California to surprise their acting coach, Richard Lawson, and his students.

The timing couldn't be better, as they had the privilege of witnessing Richard receive a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Gabrielle Harris is a woman who truly desires to follow the Lord, and she is passionate about helping others do the same!