My story

Hello! I'm a Licensed Youth & Young Adult Evangelist, motivational speaker, and an aspiring actress that currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

Gabrielle was born with Cerebral Palsy, however through out the course of her life,  she has faced many obstacles and challenges, but with Gods grace she has beat the odds, and has done almost everything she has set her mind to do.
Gabrielle enjoys being an advocate for people of all ages that have various impairments. She believes that people with impairments can conquer  anything they put their mind too, she feels that people can be inspired by her story and the miracles that God has performed  in her life, and for that she ever so grateful to God.
Gabrielle enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, shopping, she also enjoys meeting people in all walks of life, in her eyes no one is a stranger.
Join Gabrielle on this wonderful journey called life as she continues to share her love for Jesus, you will discover that having an impairment or any type of physical challenge will have no limit  to what you can accomplish.